Here we go!

So Here We Go…

When we were redesigning our church website, the site designer included a page for a “blog.”  I didn’t give it much thought until I realized the idea was that as the pastor, I would be be expected to fill that page with occasional writings — this didn’t appeal to me at all.  You see, I don’t enjoy writing.  Some people enjoy writing — my wife for instance.  People like me would rather just say it than write it.

So why am I doing this?  Because I’m your pastor and as your pastor there’s nothing more important to me than your growth in Jesus Christ. Over the years, the opportunities that I once had to “speak” into your lives are no longer there (ie: Sunday evening service — and don’t get any ideas!).  As it is, I have but one regular forum — the Sunday sermon.  So this weekly bit-of-writ provides me with an additional opportunity to encourage your growth in Jesus Christ.

I hope to send this out weekly, on Wednesdays or there about.  I’ll keep it short, 2-3 paragraphs and nothing too fancy.  Don’t expect an in depth Bible study or sermon, but rather a simple thought I’ve gleaned from my time with God that I think you need to hear.

So, here we go…


Pastor Jeff

Pastor Jeff Scheibenpflug and his wife Sharon both grew up and met in southern Rhode Island. Shortly after they were married, Pastor Jeff attended and graduated from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC earning a BA in Biblical Studies. They then moved to Landsdale, PA where he received his seminary training and earned a Master of Divinity, at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary. He later returned to the seminary earning a Doctor of Ministry degree. It was always their intention to return to New England and start a church but God had other plans and called them to full time ministry in Ramsey, New Jersey – where Pastor Jeff has been the Sr. Pastor of Grace Baptist Church for the past 22 years. Pastor Jeff has a heart for studying and preaching the word of God and for seeing souls come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. He and Sharon have been married for 29 years and have three children- Nicholas, Emily and Jonathan.